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Microsoft Office and Adobe Specialists providing Sydney's Best Computer Courses and Computer Training. We are
also a Microsoft and Adobe Authorised testing centre for certification exams.

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Making the right choice when it comes to training is important. Choosing the right training provider is just as important and it's not all just about price alone. You want to make sure you go somewhere where they have Sydney's most experienced trainers and a fantastic setup for the day in an environment suitable for learning.

You need to be somewhere without the distractions of your office, emails and telephone calls, only then can you have the focus you need to learn efficiently. Rather than me tell you about our facilities and our training, I'll let some of our clients.

Customer Comments

"You realise that this course is good value for money as soon as you start to understand how much time you can save and how much more efficient you can be at work when you apply even just a few of the things you learn here. Greg is clearly very knowledgeable and good at explaining things clearly."
Merrillee Millar (Sustainable Infrastructure Australia)

"I am thrilled to have been given the opportunity to do this training. It is undoubtedly not only a benefit for me but also for my company who I will now be a lot more productive for! Thanks Greg for all your patience!"
N.Watson (Jackeroo Pty Ltd)

"Very good, lovely offices and a great lunch. I was a pleasure to be here for the day and a nice 'constructive' break from the office! Thank you" :-)
A.Wagenheim (Honeystone Pty Ltd)

"Fantastic as usual! All easily explained and the learning is always interesting and fun!"
A.Hampton (FM Global)

"It's an eye opener to me. I have learned a great deal which I was not even aware of before like shortcuts and better ways of creating and editing documents ect. I'm confident that this will make me efficient and more productive at work"
R.Ven der Haas (Dulhunty Power)

"It was very informative, I was interested and focused throughout the entire day. Thank you so much"
S.Sarkissian (Mortgage Choice)

"Perfect pace - Easy to follow with Practical examples given - Information was clearly communicated by the trainer, Trainers knowledge was at an expert level, language used was easy to understand making it easy to follow each module/topic"
K.Espinal (Cambridge Integrated Services)

"Excellent, very professional. Everything I needed and more was provided. Because it was a small group, I got lots of help and personalised attention. Rhonda was brilliant, Thanks!"
K.Woodstock (Commonwealth Bank of Australia)

"I'm surprised at how I have managed without this course!! I'm now looking forward to putting it into practice. The course was pitched at a great level and the tuition was easy to understand and fun too!"
S.Brennan (ABCC)

"It was Fantastic!! Will recommend for all future references. Will be back soon!"
M.Simovic (Giorgio Armani)

"Really enlightening course. Incredibly helpful. Looking forward to Excel and PowerPoint"
S.Manley (Australian Defence Force)




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