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Types of Training we offer!

Wall to Wall Computer Services provides the perfect solution for all your training needs by providing the experience, knowledge and know-how needed to make sure we give you the perfect training course, every time. Regardless of your current level we have the skills to take your knowledge to the next level.

Listed below are some of the main types of training we currently offer. To view a list of course outlines for either Microsoft Office 2016, Office 2013, Office 2010 or Adobe products go straight to our Outlines page. If you need a little help with organising what you need, just drop us a quick line at: with your contact numbers, and tell us a bit about your needs. Generally though, most of our training can be broken into these main types..

Public Training Courses on Microsoft and Adobe Products

We provide a large selection of public courses suitable for students of all levels. We have both on or two day courses available often with special pricing available two or more courses (be sure to check with us about our Monthly Specials) or discounts for groups. Check our web site regularly for the latest schedule as extra dates may be added based on demmand and availability.

All our courses includes a catered lunch, training manual and certificate plus access to the course exercise files for revision purposes. Perfect for new staff members, upskilling your team or getting your knowledge up there as an individual.

Closed Course Training for your group

The ultimate in customised training. Work at the pace of your group with the flexibility to spend more time on things you need and less on things you don't. You can book out one of our training rooms for the day with your own trainer just for your group.  We can provide a room that can hold up to 12 people for the day in comfort with all their needs taken care of including lunch and supplies on any topic of your choice. A first class solution for your staff.

Roaming Trainers

Sometimes your staff need help just with a particular topic but don't really want to attend an entire day's worth of training when they really just want 30 minutes to an hour of an expert's advice. In this case a roaming trainer for the day is the perfect solution.

You hire a roaming trainer for the day and schedule their time with your different staff members spening as much time as you see fit with each employee. Their job for the day is helping people solve little problems and finding solutions and better options for their daily work. A great cost effective way to improve efficiency in the office.

Back to the Workforce

Talk to us if you have somehow managed to sidestep computers in general. You may have been in a senior management role with a team who normally took care of many of the day to day computer tasks or perhaps you are now again re-entering the workforce after a period of time (such as after having kids or similar).

In this case you may need to do a selection of courses to quickly and easily update and finetune your skills and get you familiar with the abilities of each package. In this case talk to us about setting up a schedule with you and some discounts to get your knowledge up to speed (along with a few shiny new certificates in your resume).

One-on-One Customised Training

This is without a doubt the best training available. A closed course session in your own room, with your own trainer, and a head full of questions you want answered. You work at your own pace covering topics of interest to you. You can spend as much time as you like or as little.

This is the perfect solution if you really would prefer individual training when it suits you. If you are busy and on the go or you need to get productive with a piece of software yesterday if not sooner. Then let us see what we can do for you. In many cases (depending on the product) we may be able to organise customised training for you in a couple of days or so.





Call (02) 9967 0006 or email us now and allow us to create the perfect experience for your learning.
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